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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. People these days are using the internet for almost all the purposes and advertising their businesses is one of those purposes. With the help of the internet, more people are able to see it and can have access to it. SEO is one of such things that make online advertising more easily. With the help of SEO people are able to find your business whenever they are looking for a business or some products that your business is selling and if your business could get in high-ranking it would be better as to them your business would appear on the starting pages. If you want to use online sources for the progress of your business to then SEO is the answer to your problems and definitely the best choice.

SEO packages


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A number of SEO packages can make using this service easy too as then you don’t have to waste a lot of money on the other advertising options. Different SEO packages are for different types of businesses and have different levels like starting from starter to basic and then medium and so on until premium and even further premium packages are divided into basic, silver, gold and platinum. The name of packages depends upon the type of the company providing you with SEO packages. Here just a brief review about what these types of packages offer would be explained so you would have an idea which type of SEO packages can provide you all the services that you require.

Starter package


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Starter SEO packages are nearly of $95 varying on different sites and have a keyword range of 150 or more. The minimum contract limit of this package is from 4 to 6 months minimum. It provides the services of baseline and checking, duplicate content checking and has mega tags optimisation of nearly 5 pages. Off page optimisation services include article submission and up to 2 social bookmarking etc.

Value Package


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Value package from SEO packages is of slightly higher level as compared to starter package. It cost up to $120 with duration of 4 to 6 months minimum. It has better features than starter package. With keyword analysis, baseline ranking check and content duplication analysis it has mega tags optimisation of almost 10 pages. And as for offline page services with article writing and submission it also includes press writings and submissions. Social bookmarking is almost 15.

Standard package


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Standard package, unlike value and starter SEO packages, has competitor analysis (one competitor) along with the black link analysis and other features of starter and value packages. Unlike last two SEO packages, standard package cost a little more like $180. Mega tags optimisation of 20 pages, existing content optimisation, and navigation analysis is some of the on page features of this package. This package also allows blog posting.

Premium Package

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Premium package cost around $265 and gives competitor analysis for two competitors and have mega tags optimisation of 40 pages. Almost 3 articles and 30 press writing submissions can be allowed in this package. It also allows guest blog posting.

Similarly, these SEO packages keep improving and every package is different for a different company.

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